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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Is that the same David Schuster who was on score phone 30 years ago?
It is.

Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
David Schuster
The scouts in attendance might out number the actual fans here at U.S. Cellular today - 20 Jul

@SoxBrian26@Schumouse what a lazy & utterly weak attempt at humor. No wonder you have never aspired higher than weekend news updates. C-team talent. - 20 Jul

David Schuster
@Schumouse @SoxBrian26 ...And you're a complete loser...Jagoff
3:36 PM - 20 Jul 13
Wow. What a total lack of decorum from a so-called professional! What's more, Mr. Schuster has apparently forgotten the identity of his actual customers. Never good to swear at your customers, especially when they lodge a legitimate complaint.

Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
I think you touched a nerve Brian.
Did you ever! Congratulations on that!