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Originally Posted by ZombieRob View Post
You're not getting the argument. The argument simply was run out the damn ball. But your going on about some in game happening no one even cares about or doesn't matter because again you should always run out the ball. Seem to me you have fan boy issues and listen to Chris Rongey to much.
There is no argument. Everyone on the field should hustle. However, the opinion that AJ and Konerko didn't/don't hustle is fairly absurd and a meatball opinion.

The classic Konerko backflip on a flyout is inconsequential because he's going to make it to first safely whether he trots or runs at full speed, if the outfielder drops it. Conversely, if he runs at fullspeed to first, he's not fast enough naturally to make it to second base if the outfielder drops it. There's no tangiible argument here that Konerko's trotting to first on a flyout hurts the team.

Last night, there was a tangible illustration that Rios' lack of hustle with the go-ahead run on third base cost the team. He has to know the situation. Baseball is all about knowing the situation at any given time (how many outs there are, where the outfielders are positioned, if the infielder is playing behind the runner, etc).

Trying to equate what Rios did last night (or failed to do) and Konerko's batflip on a flyout is entirely wasted effort at best and meatball fandom at worst.