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Originally Posted by PKalltheway View Post
Really, pitching is the only edge this current Sox team has over that one. This year's Sox won't lose 106 games, but if (or when) they do trade away most or all of the major pieces...oh boy.
Pitching is a big difference. If you have pitching, you don't need much hitting to win a championship. The 1970 White Sox were among the lowest scoring teams in the league, although they exploded a few times, 22 runs against the Red Sox to give Floyd Weaver his only major league win, 11 runs in the ninth against the Red Sox to win a 13-5 game (Wilbur Wood doubled in that inning). About 50 of their games were decided by one run, and they lost two thirds of those. They lost a lot of games because they didn't hit. They lost a lot more games because they didn't pitch well. One Friday night they built an 8-1 lead through five against the A's and lost 9-8.

About 50 games were decided by five or more runs, and they lost about two thirds of those. They lost about two thirds of the rest of the games. So they weren't totally inconsistent.

Essentially they had one reliable starting pitcher, and even he would be gone in two years. At the June 15 trade deadline, they traded for two starters, one more dreadful than the other, the other being one of the two Bob Millers to play for the 1962 Mets. In addition to having only one reliable starter, they had only one reliable reliever. Wilbur Wood may have been the only pitcher from the 1972 team who pitched any significant innings for the 1970 White Sox, which seems extreme for the pre-free agency days.

The pitching in 1970 was far worse than the 2013 White Sox. The defense in 1970 played even worse than this year's team. If the offense was better in 1970, it wasn't much better.
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