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Originally Posted by A. Cavatica View Post
Sale is also putting all our eggs in one basket. Reasonable men can disagree about how soon the Sox could contend again, but I haven't seen anyone arguing for 2014, and few arguing for 2015...if Sale blows out his elbow then he doesn't help the 2016 team at all.

Meanwhile you have Sale under control until 2019. He could not blow his elbow out, win multiple Cy Young awards, and lead the White Sox to a championship within that time period. You could also trade him at any given time until then, so there's no need to trade right now.

You're talking about a top 3 pitcher in the entire sport, versus the top draft pick from 2010. So far Profar is hitting .276 with .826 OPS in the minors. That's not a good start to a hall of fame career.

Someone asked for A-rod for Sale. A-rod crushed the ball in the minors at that age.
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