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Originally Posted by Marqhead View Post
Sale could potentially bring back a huge haul which is why I'm sure Hahn is considering all his options.
And I truly believe this is our best bet to turn this franchise around and contend again. I'm not pushing Sale out the door, because I absolutely love the kid, but you have to seriously consider any offer that improves multiple spots in a big way like some of this speculation (but I'm not nearly as big a Profar fan as the pundits are - way too boom or bust). I wouldn't trade him for anything less than immediate, sure major league contributors along with a top tier A+ prospect and some B types. Maybe that's wildly unrealistic, but it is absolutely what you demand in return for Sale. A lot of those trades come out very bad for the team who gives away the young, MLB proven talent like Sale, and rushing a rebuilding can compound the problem. However, this team and system is bad and needs something big to happen to change that any time soon.
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