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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Considering low little crossover play there is between the leagues I don't think that's very far, either. In 2005, for example, the Cardinals finished 1 game better than the White Sox but if you look at the strength of schedules across the league, the American League was decisively better than the NL that year.

I don't see how people could watch last night's game, where there was a significant effort by the players to win and play well, compared to the downright embarrassing half-assery that the NFL and NBA put on and say that the idea hasn't worked beautifully?

Yea, i have heard a bit of complaining that the All Star Game was boring. Well, it was played/managed like it was a REAL GAME. The players actually played hard and the managers managed like they wanted to win. So which is it? Do people want to see the players playing hard, or do they want to see players leaving after they are taken out in the 1st inning like back in the 90s/00s and then complain about how the players don't care anymore? You just can't please everybody.
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