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Sale is the guy you want to build around. I can't imagine the Sox get anywhere close to the return you should for a player like that.

This team has an enormous amount of money coming off the books the next 2 years. Don't be dumb. Shed more salary early, and make sound investments. This team can be rebuilt pretty quick with money alone.

I don't believe in this idea that you keep it together and add a guy or two though. This team isn't even close.

If you can dump Peavy's money on someone, could invest in Josh Johnson with Don Cooper in the house. I don't see many hitters in the free agent market that make sense for the Sox until 2015 though. They need some complete studs to step in soon to replace Konerko's contributions and upgrade Dunn's position. Maybe hold on to Rios to make sure you have a guy around in 2015 if you think you can get a team together by then.