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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Astros, but they're surely not trading four of them for Sale, when Cosart or Appel could pitch at the same level within 2-3 years.

Let's be realistic, there's no way a team is going to completely sell the farm for Sale. We may get two A-level prospects/young MLB players and some lesser prospects with upside in the lower minors.
Key word COULD. Very few will or do. But obviously the Astros wouldn't trade for him....they're years away from contending themselves.

As for two A- prospects, better not tell that to the Cubs who think they're getting an A for Garza (which, of course, they won't). And that's why you keep Sale, as teams won't even give up a prospect who even projects to be as good as him, if he hits maximum potential and things go perfectly.

The Astros made a terrific trade getting 2 A/A- prospects for Pence who was then very good but never a difference maker.