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Originally Posted by CoopaLoop View Post
In a pitching duel like this, Sale should be the MVP.
Absolutely right. Six up, six down for Chris Sale with 2 K's. Sale had the longest and best pitching performance in a 3 hit shutout for the winning team and no AL offensive player had a standout night. Oh, and Sale was the first AL pitcher to throw two perfect innings in an All-Star game since Roger Clemens in 2001. And Sale won the game!

Sale absolutely should have been the MVP.

Originally Posted by Soxman219 View Post
Sale was robbed, charity MVP for Rivera

Originally Posted by Dibbs View Post
Nothing wrong with the charity MVP for Mariano.
I disagree. First of all, when Cal Ripken got his "charity MVP" in his final All-Star Game in 2001, who was the real deserving MVP? In my view, the MVP of the 2001 All-Star Game should have been Sox right fielder Magglio Ordonez who went 2-3 with a homer.

So, with the two most prominent "charity All-Star MVP's" of our lifetime (and, by the way, Ripken and Rivera are the only players to be named All-Star MVP in their final season), two White Sox players got screwed of MVP awards that they earned.

And that is what really sucks about charity awards in sports. Players and teams are supposed to get what they earn. Awarding "charity trophies" messes that up. Let's not forget that sporting events are about what happens between the lines. They are not supposed to be popularity contests, for crying out loud.
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