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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I DVRd both games- and then would fast forward when I came in from outside- just to see scoring,etc.

Over the two games yesterday-
  1. Ramirez with a too aggressive turn around 1st- gets caught in a run down
  2. Keppinger and Beckham almost collide- Beckham drops pop up
  3. Ramirez overslides 2nd base- turns a stolen base into an out
  4. Rios goes on a hit and run- doesn't pick up the ball- slides into 2nd- should have been on 3rd
  5. Beckham and Wells collide going for a fly down the line
  6. Wells trying to catch the winning run in Game 2- throw barely gets to the grass- 4 hops later- runner scores
More bad baseball in a single day then we used to see over a month or two (at least).

And yet, if the Sox scored the runner who was left on base after he got to third with no one out in the second game of the doubleheader, the Sox probably would have swept it.

The Tigers played more bad baseball in the recent White Sox series than the White Sox played on Saturday.
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