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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
Based on what???? This site has him as their 36th rated prospect.
BA, but rating doesn't matter. His scouting reports suggest he'll be a fifth outfielder if he makes the show at all.

Gotta love the optimism on by Hahn though.

I wish the team wouldn't flat our lie. You'd think they'd learn after Jeff Marquez that picking up garbage and calling it an asset just serves to piss off the core fan base. If they don't want to be honest, they should just keep quiet.

Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Nah. You could have acquired a lefty specialist in the offseason in the free agent market for 1/2 that salary.
We know how this one but Rios and Peavy will bring anything....unless we want to trade one of our young, cost controlled pitchers...and we should certainly listen.
Unless he starts pitching, I'd assume similar offers for Peavy. He'll probably not get dealt until next year (or possibly in a waiver deal).
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