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Originally Posted by tstrike2000 View Post
Don't really know anything about Jacobs. Is this a good trade?
I don't know what that question means. The White Sox won't have to pay Thornton for the remainder of the year. Fans don't have to endure the agony of seeing him come into games, if that is what they feel. Still, the pitcher who replaces him will probably disappoint more. The White Sox, however, apparently effectively will have to buy out his option after the season as they would have done had they kept him.

It is probably too much to expect Jacobs will help the White Sox as much as Thorton did during his career, and that really shouldn't be the standard. It will likely be years before anyone knows. Some doubt that Jacobs will ever make it to the majors. When you look at deadline deals for prospects, there are more acuired prospects who never make it to the majors than acquired prospects who go on to become stars in the majors.

Maybe the Sox see talent in Jacobs they will be able to develop. Maybe he will become an organizational minor leaguer. I didn't expect the Sox to get more than Jacobs for Thornton, but I didn't expect the Sox to include cash in the deal.
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