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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
I'm a regular listener to B&B and they've actually been Phegley "supporters" from at least as far back as spring training. Sure, they'll have a little fun with fans suggesting he's the second coming of Johnny Bench, but they've been pretty positive about him. Or, at least 'positive' for them. Also, they had him on the show on 7/9. You can listen to the interview at the Score's website.

Bernstein's a Sox fan. His attitude wouldn't be at all out of place on this board. To suggest they don't like him simply because he's a Sox prospect doesn't ring true at all.
The bottom line is if I called B&B and compared Phegley to say, Russell Martin, I'd be laughed off the air and told Phegley has no prayer of ever becoming a .250 hitter who averages about 15 home runs in a season like Martin.

That's their schtick. That's who they are.

No thanks, I'll take a pass on the Score's website.
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