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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I heard that caller. He said that Phegley ''kind of reminds me of Johnny Bench'' B & B's world,that translated to the entire delusional White Sox fan base saying that he is the next Johnny Bench,so they went on and on about that opinion for the next hour.

Those guys hate Hawk so much,it has not spilled over to the Sox in general. They worship Theo so much,he can do no wrong,while Hahn and the Sox are just not as smart as Theo.

It is and media always try to compare players to past stars. Bench was short and stocky,right handed and swung for power,hence the comparison to Phegley who has hit 3 homers and 8 rbis in his first five games....who should fans compare him to at this point? Tyler Flowers?
Yeah, the whole perception is amusing to me. Not just B & B, but in general.

Sox fans are subject to scorn for being excited about Josh Phegley, whose three home runs have been off David Price, Matt Garza and Anibal Sanchez -- three established MLB starters. Yes, it's only 20 ABs and he could still flame out, but I don't see the harm in being happy about the handful of things we have to be happy about as Sox fans.

Cubs fans are allowed to be excited every time Baez hits a home run in Double-A or Almora goes 3-for-4 in low-A ball. Why shouldn't Sox fans be allowed to be happy about a prospect coming up to the majors and getting a few big hits against established MLB pitchers?
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