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Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
It's always somebody else's fault. Problem with the venders? "Sportservice controls that". Well, you HIRED them they should answer to you.

Problem with the crossing guards almost getting you flattened? "The city forces us to hire them".

No stands open? "That's unacceptable", then fewer stands are open the next homestand.

The ushers don't know the answer to any question they get asked? "Oh they are students who had to go to school when we had training".

Now I haven't been to any other MLB ballparks, but I do attend other sporting events and the Cell is the only place that half-asses it during a professional game (and I've been to some dumps).

It is also the ticket booth attendants who are clueless. When I walked up to the Sunday June 30 game and asked for three $5 upper deck tickets, the attendant told me lower deck tickets are only $15 today. I said upper deck is ok as we can get down for the kids day autographs. She told me that I could not get down with upper deck tickets. I told her that unless they changed the policy today that we could. She said she was going to check with her supervisor and came back and said no lower deck access without a lower deck ticket. I told her to let her supervisor know that he doesn't know what he is talking about and proceeded into the park and the lower level for the kids day autographs. We then sat on the fan deck (yes, it was actually open to the public) for the game.

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