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Originally Posted by KingXerxes View Post
I just do not understand this attitude. I don't want bland announcers, I don't want bland marketing, I don't want a bland experience.

Honestly - Please explain what, exactly, you would like to see the White Sox evolve into?
The Angels. Becoming part of the conversation and not just the secondary team in town.

New ownership is what's needed. Then changes, many changes... I didn't say that I wanted things to stay as they are, just that the team's traditions and unique fanbase to stay the same under progressive (Arte Moreno-like) ownership that realizes that the Sox are a big market club, and should act like one; the product on the field is what draws and how fans are treated in the park is why they come back.

Do we really want the Sox to become like the Hawks and Cubs? A bunch of fair weather fans who care more about the "scene" than the actual baseball? I sure don't.

There are more efficient and successful ways to fill the park and attract fans other than bringing in the Chads, Trixies and hangers-on with vapid marketing and turning the game day experience into a circus.
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