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Originally Posted by Vernam View Post
Yeah, I'd totally hate it if the Sox were like the Hawks. That would be awful.

If the Hawks are "over-hyped" at this point, it's because of the two championships. It's silly to fault them for attention that was earned that way. No amount of PR could've made a dent in their public profile in comparison to a pair of Cups. And anyone who thinks John McDonough's only expertise is in PR just isn't paying attention or doesn't know what constitutes effective management (or PR). That might be his background, but he transcended it long ago, for those who think PR is a dirty word. Or, uh, acronym.

And I see zero chance that he'd join the Sox, unfortunately.
While I do agree that I think there's zero chance he'd join the Sox, I would still welcome the idea with open arms.

This team is in desperate need of a PR make-over. They do good things from time-to-time, and there's no denying that (whether it be volunteer corps, the double duty classic, things in the community, etc). But, then again MOST/ALL teams do stuff like that. What I think is one of their biggest failings over the past 15 years was allowing the narrative to continue that the park is in a terrible neighborhood in the middle of the ghetto. They've done NOTHING to dispute it, while media member after media member (from local to national) has one-by-one continued to bash THEIR COMMUNITY (it's almost like the Sox are embarrassed to be a part of Armour Square/Bridgeport, at times).

Let's face it, every year an influx of college grads from the Midwest move to Chicago to start their careers. Most have disposable income and plenty of free time. From living in Wrigleyville for 2+ years now and meeting many of those people, I can tell you that many people that I've met are almost always under the impression that going to games at the Cell is dangerous. Why the Sox have never fought back at that narrative is beyond me. Going to games in Armour Square/Bridgeport is no less dangerous than going to games in Wrigleyville. I know Armour Square/Bridgeport the neighborhood doesn't provide the draw like Wrigleyville does, that's not my point. It's that the Sox themselves have never done anything to try to eliminate the deterrents that are causing people not to come to the park and this is just one glaring example.

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