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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Yes they have been. These same players won 85+ games last year. That was not 30 games above their head.
The ridiculous hyperbole doesn't help.
I note Quintana, whom you claim is well below average, outpitched Verlander, as he has done all season.
It's hyperbole to take also-rans and say their also-ran performance is somehow below expectation.

It's hyperbole to claim Verlander has been outpitched by Quintana. Before yesterday, Verlander had Quintana in EVERY pitching category. Today, he has a .04 advantage in a single category, ERA. Even now, he's not outpitching Verlander. Not even close.

It's hyperbole to say that this team is last year's squad. It's not. It's got old players who regressed last year, the year before, and now this year. That's not bad luck or unexpected production. That's a natural progression that every reasonable person saw coming. It's unfair to not expect regression simply becuase we barely lost the division last year with a ****ty team. It's unfair not to expect Dunn to suck. There is significant precedent. It's unfair not to expect our pitchers to spend significant time hurt or ineffective. They've proven to be made of glass. It's not unfair to have expected our defense to be bad. We replaced solid and exceptional defenders with guys that had no place on the diamond, and got a career season out of our shortstop defensively that now people want to act like is the expectation. That's unreasonable, it was the only year he was that good. Blame yourself for that. And most importantly, it is not unfair to expect players like Flowers, Viciedo, et al to completely bust. What's not fair is saying that it is unfair. How is it unfair? Because the team told you they weren't garbage? Because ten vocal posters mirrored that this offseason based on nothing but their gut and a word from the GM that opposed the view of every expert imaginable? Sorry, they are garbage and they always were. Next year, they'll still be garbage.

This team isn't going to lose 100 games because they're having career worst seasons. This team is going to lose 100 games because they're miserably beyond hope of rectification 100 loss bad. Luck doesn't cause that. You have to be bad to do that. We are bad. Accept it. The more you cling to the false notion that we're not, the more miserable you will be.