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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Whomever. Use the worst guy if you have to.
Winning the game is secondary to primping and preening these players to be traded and/or to be developed for the future. That's why throwing our starters 120 innings is inane at this point. The front office should be on Ventura about that nonsense.
Spot on. Robin doesn't seem capable of not managing to win. Right now, we win by putting guys in the best chance to succeed, and then get the maximum value for them. Thornton goes out for a week straight and gets 1 or 2 LH outs then leaves, maybe he gets dealt. He goes out and does...that... and teams look elsewhere.

Probably the biggest kick in the gut last night was not only being swept by the Cubs, but the fact their trade parts shined while ours looked worthless.

At this point, would anyone not trade rosters and farm systems with the Cubs if you had a chance?