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Originally Posted by Jerko View Post
For as much as I complain about the in-game experience at the park sometimes, I still love going. Baseball is my summertime distraction from life. Plus there are good people there too; our beer vendor is the best, the guys up in the stadium club always take care of me and mine, and on the rare pre-game trips to bacardi they're pretty cool too. Plus I can go stand in one spot on the concourse and see a ton of people I've known forever or have met because of the Sox. So, yeah the team sucks, but I'll still drag my ass out there no matter what the Hawks, Bears, Bulls or any other team I like is doing.
Sounds like things have come full circle from the days of playing hookey in the 70's, when a trip to the ball park was a comiseration of despair, yet tempered by good times and friendships cultivated, mixed in with the sensory spikes of the old edifices on each side of town..

As much as this season sucks its a point all franchises must fall to snap out of the delusional state thinking the dead horse can still run in the Kentucky Derby...

Apathy, yes... Better than the 7 mile stare at this point... Just going thru the motions waiting for this season to die its slow death and to start anew next season... Mediocrity lies to hope... Hitting bottom causes change..

Big Klu says... "When you step in the box you go to war"..
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