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Originally Posted by Moses_Scurry View Post
I've been at this point for a solid month or so. Pretty much since the initial cubs series ended.
After they climbed to .500, I actually allowed myself a brief moment of hope. What came next was so sudden, so definitive and so final that even a raging optimist like me had to step back from the team. I don't even bother watching on MLB.TV and haven't for several weeks now. I normally load the box score so I can at least follow the games loosely and find out the outcome but it seems to take all the energy I can muster to do that, actually committing to watch this train wreck of a team play baseball would be far too frustrating.

Apathy describes my present level of commitment to the 2013 White Sox team perfectly.

Riding shotgun on the Sox bandwagon since before there was an Internet...
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