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Default Apathy as a defense mechanism

I've worked for a government agency for 30 years. During that time, there have been nine different "leaders" and even more changes at lower level managerial levels. Having suffering through so many regime and philosophical changes, I've learned that apathy is a defense mechanism to protect my sanity against all the silliness.

Now I've decided to adopt this same philosophy for this years Sox. I will no longer go out of my way to watch or listen to a game. The best I can do is check the next day's box score to validate what I probably already know.

This really hurts. I've stated in previous posts that no matter how bad the team is, at least its summer, and I can enjoy a beautiful summer night on the patio while listening to the game and enjoying a delicious adult beverage. I'll still sit out and have a few, but now I'll be listening to music.

I'll check in here once in a while, but mostly I'll be lurking. Maybe a few comments after the trading deadline.
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