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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
I think it is unfair to compare what the Cubs are doing and what the Sox are now dealing with. The Cubs went into this season knowing they would be awful and building for 2 or 3 years down the road. The Sox were coming off a year where they spent 110+ days in first place and expected to contend again for a division title. Contending was their plan for 2013 and it has obviously been a failure. The wheels are coming off the wagon this season and the team is going to be changing gears soon. We simply have to wait for the trades to happen before we can know for sure what Hahn's specific plan B is now that plan A has been a disaster. The Sox front office keeps things very close to the vest and don't use the media to hype upcoming roster decisions. Phegley and Simon Castro could be the first part of plan B being put in motion.
You honestly think the Sox went into this year thinking that they had a legitimate shot at winning the division (or a wild card)? They got rid of one of their steadiest offensive contributors in AJ and replaced him with a glorified AAAA backstop. The Keppinger deal was just filler and wasn't going to put us over the hump.

Even the most optimistic among us didn't figure we had much of a shot this year to say nothing of the collective opinion of the media that had the Sox pegged as a .500 team, at best.
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