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Originally Posted by Foulke You View Post
I The Sox were coming off a year where they spent 110+ days in first place and expected to contend again for a division title. Contending was their plan for 2013 and it has obviously been a failure.
The organization finally got bit in the behind for resting on the laurel of being a contender, rather than actually accomplishing anything.. So the Sox were in first for a good part of 2012.. who cares? they choked down the stretch and didn't go to the postseason.. that's the bottom line.. were the reasons WHY they choked addressed? No, they werent

People have commented as to why the Sox don't draw... Stone commented that the Sox didn't draw in 2012 even though there were in first.. Sox fans aren't stupid, they can sniff a winner.. They drew in 06 cause the majority of the 05 team was in tact plus they added Thome.. give me a frikkin break
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