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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
KW (with Hahn's 'assistance') sure left him with a steaming pile of dog **** to work with.
Heck, if you're a GM and you like to wheel and deal, this is the job for you.
We do have assets....what do we do with them?
Starting pitchers, unless their top of the rotation, are more valuable in off-season deals than inseason deals, as they are what get you to the playoffs. We have 3 viable lefty starters that we could trade (plus a fourth that we won't trade)...can you take one and get a couple of quality position players out of him?
Can Phelgely hit? If so, can he play outfield?
Relievers are more valuable in in-season trades than offseason, as they are easy to sign in the offseason. Time to do some deals.
This would be a fun job for a GM.
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