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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
That's fine, if they give us something good for Danks. IN general, you aren't going to get much for overpaid players (which Danks, at this point, is). But he's certainly pitching well. But if it's a salary dump, I would prefer we pass. We probably need to move a lefty, in our situation, and I'd suggest Quintana.
I think if it's a dump, and someone picks it all up, you trade Danks. There's no guarantee on his shoulder. Don't forget, that surgery was highly experimental. "Success" cases for that surgery include Johan Santana. That's all. And that's considered the success case. He's had so many setbacks/surgeries since then. And he's the most positive example available of someone having a torn shoulder capsule repaired through surgery.

The failures include Mark Prior, Dallas Braden, and Chien-Ming Wang. And while it's positive to see numbers results, it's obvious this is not John Danks we are watching on the mound. It's also worth noting that all of those players came back rough, got better, and then suffered setbacks that ultimately ended their effectiveness.

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