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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
This might be the most different last place team in baseball history. Virtually every last place team is in last place because of bad pitching. Now that Danks is back pitching decently, this White Sox pitching staff is good. If Peavy comes back and pitches good this staff will even be better. This team is in last place because it CAN'T HIT. I'm beginning to think that Hahn won't do anything to improve this team this season. Maybe he will keep this pitching staff and then after the season he will sign some free agents to improve the offense. Does it make any sense to trade your strength (the pitchers) for some hitters? Or is it better to keep the pitchers and sign some free agents who can hit?
It's not rare at all, it just doesn't show up in the final numbers. Plenty of last place clubs were in the top ten in baseball in pitching before the deadline. Then reason sets in and bad teams gut whatever they can trade.

For the record, we are 7th in the AL in ERA and 17th in baseball at 3.99. Both rankings are middle of the pack. So it's not like we were in danger of being the first last place team to lead baseball in ERA (if that truly didn't already happen). We're almost an entire run off. Heck, we're even middle of the pack in our own division. I don't get the constant glorification of our pitching. It's not a strength. Sale is a strength. The rest of our pitching without Sale's contribution would be woefully below average. He's the reason we're just league average. Think about that. Without Sale, our team ERA is bottom half. Seriously bottom half (since at 17 we're technically already bottom half).

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