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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
As I said before the season, the only people thinking that were glassy eyed-Sox fans, local publications, and the organization. The most optimistic national publications had us below .500, many significantly so. A lot of us on this board stated over and over there was very little chance this team would hit .500 as constructed. Yes, this is the bottomed out version very few thought coming (though some of us did say 100 losses was possible), but that's only a function of the Twins being good enough to pass us (and beat up on us a bit). Whether we lose 100 or just 90, the fact of the matter is there wasn't a plane of existance where .500 was a realistic outcome for this team as assembled. It's time to let go of that thought. This isn't the season that got derailed. The guys on our team are not having career bad seasons. They are having seasons that befit them. This was a bad team to start. There probably aren't a dozen guys on the whole squad that have a role on a contending team. If it wasn't obvious to you before the season, it should be very clear now. Let it go already.
I thought our pitching would be good enough and along with some sort of an offense, we would be .500. Our pitching has been good enough but the hitting is as we all know is another story, never did I think it could be this bad. Of course we have to add the horrible defense, how could the same team go from the fewest errors to almost the most. I knew that by picking up Keppinger as our only off-season addition we weren't going to catch the Tigers, still I thought .500 was doable.
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