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Originally Posted by sager729 View Post
I've heard some rumblings that teams are starting to show interest in John Danks. I wouldn't mind a rotation of Sale, Peavy, E. Johnson, Santiago and Quintana next season with Axelrod as the 6th starter. They also have a guy like Charlie Leesman who could be a spot starter and a reliever in the bullpen.

I really like the way the pitching is constructed and you know that the Sox will be looking for SP in any trade of Danks, Rios, Al. Ramirez, Crain, Thornton and Lindstrom.
That's fine, if they give us something good for Danks. IN general, you aren't going to get much for overpaid players (which Danks, at this point, is). But he's certainly pitching well. But if it's a salary dump, I would prefer we pass. We probably need to move a lefty, in our situation, and I'd suggest Quintana.