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Originally Posted by Fastball23 View Post
I'm sure other teams would want Beckham, Sale, Danks, Rios, Crain, Alexei, and Peavy.

Have my fingers crossed that some teams are willing to take Dunn, DeAza, Thornton, Keppinger and Konerko.
For free perhaps, but I don't know that anyone wants to take on Rios, Danks, Alexei and Dunn unless the Sox eat a large portion of salary. I don't think what they offer production wise, currently, is equal to the price in money teams would owe these guys down a stretch run.

Peavy, Crain, Thornton and Keppinger may be you most easily traded pieces. Beckham and especially Sale would garner interest, but there's really no guarantee that what you'll get back, especially with Sale, will even be remotely close to as good as they are now, so why trade them?
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