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What a precipitously steep tailspin this season has been. You go from bored to angry to just plain laughing at the spectacle. It's very sad when most fans are still watching the team only for some twisted comedic value, whether it be on the field or from the broadcast booth.

I'm a younger guy at 26, so I don't remember any of the bad teams from the 70s and 80s. I had considered the 07 season to be the ultimate low point in my life as a White Sox fan. Until this season rolled around, that is.

I hope Crain can come back healthy for a couple starts and showcase himself. I'd be looking hard to see if teams will bite on Rios too. No one other than Sale should be considered safe from being traded. I would trade a guy like Dunn for prospects even if you have to eat the salary to sweeten the deal.
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