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Was at the Giants' game last night. We were sitting in RF. The Giants got blown out, but at one point made some feeble noise to start a rally while losing 8-1. In the third inning, with one out, a single was followed by a Sandoval double to right field. I couldn't see the initial attempt but Puig didn't catch it and the ball came off the wall and bounced in toward the infield. Puig ran the ball down but overshot it and the third base coach seeing this started to wave the runner around third, but suddenly started frantically waving the stop sign when he saw Puig recover quickly and pick up the ball. The runner did indeed stop as Puig grabbed the ball wheeled and unleashed a humpback line drive throw that hit the catcher in the mitt chest high from about 270 feet. The guy's a freaking stud...

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