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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
That's an interesting question, actually. There are some guys on this club (Viciedo, De Aza, Gillaspie) who might still be in the big leagues two years from now, but they probably won't starting for the Sox or any other team. Keppinger will still be playing, but only because he's got two years left on his contract after this.

Among position players on the current 25-man, I don't think Flowers, Gimenez, Wells, Danks or Morel will be playing in the majors two years from now. Among pitchers, I'd say Axelrod, Troncoso, Castro and Purcey will not be in the majors in two years. Also, I think Thornton will be retired by then. He's on his last life.

So there's 10 guys, or 40 percent of the roster, who probably will not be in the majors in two years. And that's probably a conservative estimate. There are others on this team who will still be playing, but probably in a more limited role than what they have now.
De Aza is good enough that I think he could be starting somewhere, or at least a 4th OF with some team. I'd be very surprised if Viciedo is in the big leagues. Gillaspie might be a utility guy somewhere. In addition to those you listed, I think Konerko will be retired by then, as well.
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