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Originally Posted by roylestillman View Post
I'm generally not a black cloud, but I do have to agree with Nell that this has to be the worst Sox team I have seen in 50 years of following them, explained a bit by the fact that expectations were fairly high going into this season unlike some bad teams of previous years.

As I watch the games I ask myself who on this team is an All Star. Outside of Sale nobody. Also ask yourself what player on this team would cause a fan in any city outside of Chicago to go out to their stadium and pay to see. Again nobody, including Sale. Finally of the current 25 man roster, how many players do you think will be playing Major League Baseball two years from now?

Fundamentally they are awful. They lack any strategy in approaching the plate. They seem leaderless. They lack personality that would result in anyone connecting with them. Any Andrew Shaws or Bryan Bickells on this team? Gillespie comes close, but he always seems distraught for some reason. I'll grant you injuries have taken their toll, but it just points to the lack of depth in this organization.

Off the field I really do think some improvements have been made. I think a lot of the new pricing strategies have paid off. My recent visit on a Family Sunday was one of the nicest and vibrant days I've spent at the park. It is rare now that attendance falls below 20,000 even with this team. Now just straighten out concessions and that bum's rush attitude and your home free.
That's an interesting question, actually. There are some guys on this club (Viciedo, De Aza, Gillaspie) who might still be in the big leagues two years from now, but they probably won't starting for the Sox or any other team. Keppinger will still be playing, but only because he's got two years left on his contract after this.

Among position players on the current 25-man, I don't think Flowers, Gimenez, Wells, Danks or Morel will be playing in the majors two years from now. Among pitchers, I'd say Axelrod, Troncoso, Castro and Purcey will not be in the majors in two years. Also, I think Thornton will be retired by then. He's on his last life.

So there's 10 guys, or 40 percent of the roster, who probably will not be in the majors in two years. And that's probably a conservative estimate. There are others on this team who will still be playing, but probably in a more limited role than what they have now.
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