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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Yeah, his options were stick with Flowers, or pinch hit one of Danks, Morel, Wells or Gimenez. No matter what he does in that situation, it's gonna be the third out and game over. That's just how it is.

I do think Robin needs to back off a little bit with the young starting pitchers. I would assume Sale, Santiago and Quintana are all part of their 2014 plans. No need for these 125-pitch outings in this lost cause of a season.

I realize they don't want to use AAA bums like Troncoso, Purcey and Castro who are filling out the bullpen right now. Unfortunately, this is what rebuilding is. You're going to have some has-beens or never-will-bes on your roster while you're killing time, waiting to acquire or develop somebody better. You're not going to win anyway, so don't ride the handful of good pitchers you have too hard. Use everybody, take your lumps.

Also, I'd cut back on some of the lefty-righty stuff. It's not important to play matchups right now. If Lindstrom comes in to work the eighth, then it's his inning, sink or swim. The team is so thin right now you can't afford to have your two or three best guys pitching every day, just for the sake of getting one or two batters out in a situational matchup. That kind of overuse is what got Crain injured in the first place.
Is it Ventura or is Coop telling him that we need to stretch out the young guns? I would think that Coop has quite a bit of input when it comes to the pitching.
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