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Originally Posted by white sox bill View Post
While I realize many folks may be gone for the Holiday weekend. But 5 posts? Mine being the 6th? Does anyone even care anymore?
I watched parts of the game last night- fast forwarding via DVR- but in general- the whole operation is kind of dead in the water right now- underperforming veterans, no real prospects to get excited about, a very mellow manager, a rookie GM, stale marketing promotions, mediocre stadium operations (concession stand, customer service and scoreboard complaints), broadcast teams on radio/TV that need to be changed across the board- the only two things I see of interest in the 2nd half are potential trades at the deadline to bring us prospects (I don't think it will be much of a haul) and attending PK's last game with the Sox at the end of the season- thats about it.

To answer your question- I'm trying hard to care- but this organization makes it a challenge-
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