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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I continue to be baffled that so many people believe it will take the Sox four or five years to return to contention.

This year is obviously cooked, and I'm pretty sure (but not 100 percent sure) the Sox won't be very good next year either. But I wouldn't rule out having a good team again by 2015. It just depends on the moves Hahn makes over the next 18 months or so.

The Sox aren't going to do the same thing they're doing on the other side of town, nor should they. I hear people grump all the time about the Sox "not having a plan." Well, how do we know they don't have a plan? I'm sure they do have a plan; they just don't feel compelled to announce it to the whole world.
I think it really depends on how you define contention. If you want to get back to 81 win teams with + or - 7 potential year in and year out, then yeah. They could probably pull that off in 3 or 4 years, 2 if they do everything perfect and get really lucky on a few pickups. But if you're going to blow it up, why wouldn't you do it proper and take the time to be a legitimate contender instead of a team that needs a lot of luck and poor competition to be in it? I know that's how we've been run recently but that's not a good model. It's not even the model of the 2005 team, which had a very good core that was the culmination of several years worth of drafts and shrewd trading.