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Originally Posted by Aesero View Post
Does anyone see the team trying to re-sign Konerko for 2 years so that there is a likable player on the team? This is of course up to him wanting to keep playing. These next couple years are probably going to be rough and having a fan favorite stick around could have some influence on turnout. I know I would be more interested watching games if I could continue to watch him play.

It is the only thing I could think of as to why Hahn said he was untouchable unless Konerko had stated to him previously that he would decline any and all trades.
I think the last point is the correct one. Konerko is injured, at the end of his career, and has a NTC. My guess is he doesn't want to be uprooted to chase a ring when he already has one.

As for the next couple years, it's not fun if the fan favorite is completely done. When the Sox traded for Harold Baines in 2000 it may have been a sentimental move, but he couldn't play anymore so that mattered little. Now, Paulie may have something left in the tank, he's not 41 like Baines was in 2000. But I'd surprised if he returned to the Sox in 2014, and sentiment should play no part in that decision.
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