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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Give me a ****ing break. The thread was about whether we should trade Sale. Your vendetta against me is getting embarrassing.

I've been nothing but willing to discuss and have posted several links to show why I've come to my conclusions. If you don't agree with me, that's your business. But as I said, your inability to accept my point of view as a valid point of view after all that I've done to back it up is incredibly embarrassing, IMHO. You're trying to censor my point of view into a single thread in an attempt to invalidate it, because you can't do so with facts. How very sad and petty.
It's not in the roadhouse... yet... if you want it to end up there, keep it up.

The fact is this "analysis" is only a rumor because Sale is healthy and pitching well. Thus it belongs in the rumor section.

In addition, since it's a highly volatile POV it is at our discretion to whether to leave it in the Clubhouse and allow you to dominate the discussion as it devolves into a flamewar over and over again.

This is the thread. If you persist in posting this repeatedly in other threads more steps will be taken.

I'd have preferred to have this discussion in private but since you wanted it public, here is the official response.

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