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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Poor choice of words by Brooks, but to his defense, he has nothing to do with the Baseball Side. If the Sox were winning, and Kenny/Hahn had put out anything close to a good team, maybe they draw 2.5 million fans.

Its hard to blame Brooks. People were FIRED UP over his fair and aggressive pricing plans and family plans. And then, we got the rude reminder that, oh yah, the White Sox suck, and even a 15 dollar ticket is probably too much to spend on this collection of stiffs.

Probably the best thing for the White Sox would be some kind of Cubs strategy, aggressive in the draft, sell vets for prospects, sign vets to short term, tradeable deals, move them for specs etc. Collect an abundance of talent of a couple of years in the farm and hope for the best.

Otherwise, there is just about NOTHING to be excited about at the MLB level. Sale is fantastic, I like Reed, some of the young arms are really nice, but thats it. We do not have 1 hitter, 1, with an OPS over .800. That is just pathetic. Right now the best thing to do is sell beckham before his average comes back down, see if someone buys into Dunn's incredible June, and see what we can get for Rios.

We robbed Peter to pay Paul for years, it caught up to us. We are in baseball hell right now, with a coinflip between what is worse, our mlb roster or our farm, which are both bottom 5-8 in the league.
I wasn't trying to blame anyone, I was just demonstrating that it is reasonable, at least to me, for ST holders to have an expectation from the team when the team is saying we need you to pay more for our success. (I guess he was saying we need more of you to pay a little less, but the point is, we need our fans to buy more tickets) I don't have a problem with what Boyers said at all.
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