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Originally Posted by Huisj View Post
I guess I get what you're saying. I just think it's a bit of a strange comparison since the Sox stunk when McDowell first came up as a very young pitcher, and by the time he established himself, they were getting good. The Sox were (relatively) good when Sale came up, and now with him firmly established, they are a significant rebuilding away from being good again.

McDowell came up with a lousy team and got better as the team was rebuilt around him. Sale came up with a good team and got better as the team crumbled.

Maybe a more closely matched theoretical situation to ponder is this: Would the Sox have considered trading McDowell in 1991 or '92 if they had been 15 games below .500 in July and had a team made up of mostly crappy veterans who were worth nothing?
We can compete in 2015 if we keep Sale.

If we trade Sale, we probably won't compete until 2016-2017 or later, and the odds are longer, because ace pitchers are hard to find.
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