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I can't think of any one who pays ABC thousands of dollars a year for their "entertainment". I can see why a season ticket holder would feel that way, they have invested in the team's success. The White Sox reach out to their season ticket holders in order to secure their renewals. Players call ticket holders and tell them they are playing to win for you, our fans. Season ticket holders respond by renewing their tickets. These condescending comparisons are ridiculous, no offense.
This is from the message Boyer sent to season ticket holders the past off-season:

"Last year no one knew how Robin would be. Obviously for us to be competitive all last season, we have a lot of wind in our sails. Its very encouraging. When it comes to the gate, the White Sox could use some encouragement. The teams attendance has declined for six straight seasons and last season fell below 2 million for the first time since 2004."

The White Sox could use some encouragement at the gate...but it is unreasonable for the people providing that encouragement to have some interest or expectation in the team's success? Hey, if ABC said give me money for some quality programming, yeah, I'd probably not be happy after I gave them several thousand dollars and watched them roll out some garbage. I'd probably even make a phone call or two.
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