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We need to blow it all up - keeping Sale only if guys like Hawkins and Anderson work out in the next year or two. We should get as many draft picks as we can from Rios, Peavy, Crain, Viciedo, Ramirez, Dunn/Konerko/Danks (probably not much there), and keep making signings like we did today with Micker Zapata. Problem is we'll need about 10 of them in order to find the one or two who will actually be starters on a major league team. Everyone knows our minor league system needs a total rework. We need to come to the realization that we're going to be bad for while - and that being bad is necessary to reload to compete for a world series title. We don't have the $$$ necessary to simply buy our way to the playoffs - and that model is sketchy at best - see the 2013 Yankees/Angels as prime examples.

If we're lucky we restock by the 2016 season and compete with Sale leading the way. I think until then we need to keep our 2005 World Series DVD's handy.
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