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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
I think that I have an explantion for the 2013 Sox -- they are having a really bad season. And here are eight reasons why:
the condensed version. I'll give you TWO reasons why.. or at least two MAIN reason why:

the WS are not hitting home runs. Last year, they finished near the top in all of MLB in HR's.. This year, with 1/2 practically gone.. way, way off that pace..lower half in MLB.

Defense. Last year, the WS were #1 in MLB with least errors and best fielding percentage. This year, just a few percentage points in fielding from the BOTTOM in MLB. Remarkable. You'd be hard pressed to find a team in the history in MLB to from 1st to near the bottom in successive seasons.

The Home Run issue has finally come back to bite the organization. There is no way around the fact that HR's have cured a lot of ills offense-wise, and the KW era is a testament to building a team around the HR.. also this year not only are the HR's down, but the BB's are way down, further compounding the issue.

The Defense is a real head scratcher. Left field this year has been a nightmare.. Up the middle, the WS miss AJ more than they anticipated. Other than that, you would have to question how does a team in 2012 have the focus on the field, and in 2013 have no focus whatsover...??? You would probably have to be privvy to the attitude in the dugout and clubhouse on a daily basis to answer that question.

Defense and the Home Run.. with even SLIGHTLY better numbers in both of those categories, you would be talking about an entirely different season in 13'

Is the Organization accountable to the fans? Yes and No. I believe the Organization failed in addressing some of the pressing issues coming into 2013. They continue to live and die by the HR. The chemistry and attitude in the clubhouse has got to be the only explanation for the horrific defense.

I'm sure no one in a position of authority at 35th and Shields enjoys being the laughingstock of MLB at this point, and I can't believe for a second that JR would be happy with a drastically reduced payroll, record low attendance, and out of contention by Memorial Day.

There are people being paid a lot of money in the WS organization whose reputations are on the line. But, Bottom line, the fear of all fans that have been around since the early days of the Sunshine Boys regime is that Reinsdorf's loyalty will trump his decision to put people in power that could potentially fix what is wrong with this team and fix it pronto..

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