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Originally Posted by Fastball23 View Post
For this off season.

25M for the new TV deal

Players coming off the books

Hopefully the Sox are able to trade Peavy, Dunn, Danks, Keppinger, Rios, and Alexei.
I think Viciedo is done, too.

Cots shows contract obligations going down to $76 million in 2014. Now that doesn't account for arbitration settlements and just filing out the roster with minimum salary guys, but there is still a lot of running room here.

Don't think agents haven't figured in the new TV contracts themselves. Wait and see what the total salaries go up by in 2014 across the league and see how much of the TV revenue stays with the owners. More alarming for the Sox is what happens to other teams local TV revenues, while we wait for our deals come up for renegotiations ( with ourselves in the CSN case) years from now. That's where the real competitive disadvantage is really going to show.
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