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Originally Posted by TheVulture View Post
I disagree, you were SO much closer to the action at the old park. There are very few seats at the new stadium that can compare to an average seat at the old one. I'd rather watch on TV than sit in the upper deck and even the lower bowl seats can seem distant if you are towards the rear.
I was only at the old park a few times, but there were plenty of bad seats there. The good seats were great, but there were lots of obstructed views.

I sat in a seat once down in the LF corner that pretty much just faced other seats. I also sat in the lower deck once pretty close to home plate, but back near the last row and I could not see any ball that was hit high in the air because the upper deck was obstructing my view.

It was a great place with great history and great memories. It'll always have a special place in the hearts of Sox fans old enough to remember it. But, lets' not sugar coat everything about the old park.

It's time had come. My only regret is that JR and Co. really messed up a chance of building a new park with character and a better layout.
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