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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Well, to a point. I just don't think Robin has a lot of options. If someone wants to argue Ramirez should be benched for a game or two, it's hard to disagree. But, I don't think putting Beckham at SS and Keppinger at 2B gives the team a better chance to win.

Does benching Rios or De Aza for a couple days and playing AAAA Wise or Danks give the team a better chance to win? I don't think so.

The manager has to put the best lineup on the field to win that day's game. I feel for the most part Robin has done that. As for as the managing goes this year, I'm more bothered by his handling of the pitching staff. He's stretching guys out needlessly. There is no need to throw Sale 123 pitches in a game that was over the moment Chris gave up a run in the fourth inning.

If we want to talk about accountability, the front office is most accountable. The manager doesn't have many good choices. He's choosing among a host of players who are bad. When he puts his bench guys in, they make dumb mistakes too. What can you do? This team stinks. They will be just as terrible if Robin is fired. Bringing in some ****-kicking manager who is going "to hold guys accountable" won't make any difference whatsoever, IMO.
I agree the backups are awful. But when players make boneheaded plays, you need to sit them down to get a message across. The heck with the best lineup to give them a chance to win. They don't win anyway. The team lacks talent. But fans deserve to see players who are putting the effort in. When a player does not put the effort in, sit him even if the sub is less talented.
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