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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
Great memories. I understood that its time was up when it was replaced but it was still sad. As a kid (hell, as an adult) I loved to prowl through the park. Like an old castle it was full of remote corners, dark turrets, catacombs and other forgotten crannies that fascinated me.

Little things: underneath the roof of the upper deck the wiring for the light towers were exposed cables hanging from ceramic insulators; behind the left-field seats the big, open arches let a breeze come through from Armour Square Park; standing on the ramps next to the scoreboard the launching of the fireworks could be heard right behind you (Foom! Foom! Foom! A couple seconds later were concussive BoomBoom! Boom!); Nancy Faust's organ in the upper deck behind third base. It was like a piano bar with people standing around it giving her requests.

I could go on. I miss the old joint but I'm glad the Sox stayed in the neighborhood.
Good stuff!
Another tidbit was that the commissaries in the lower deck concourse were originally bottleing plants for White Sox Orange Crush.
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