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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Wise has been on the DL throughout this entire freefall, yet he's still public enemy No. 1 for some folks. No, he is not part of the solution, but damn, why are we always so quick to blame guys who are toiling on the margins anyway? Wise's impact on this season, positively or negatively, has been minimal at best.
But he wasn't on the margins. He was signed as our 9th position player. The bench matters...a lot. It's not him I'm yakking about - it's Sox management for signing him. There's simply no reason to sign a 35 year old who cannot hit and never has been able to hit...fringe or not (and he was not fringe). Heck the prior time the Sox signed him, he began the year as lead-off hitter, and only lost that, not because of his 150 average, but because he got hurt.

The Sox obviously love the guy. Send him to one of the minor league affiliates and get him started on a coaching career.
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