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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
JR needs to come forward an explain what's going on with this franchise. It's great that he has a great stadium contract and is making money and hardly pays any rent. Is he happy just to make money and let the fans suffer?
I want to know what the plans are for the team, no one says anything. Are we going to rebuild? Are we going to make trades. Are we going to start investing more in our Minor League program? Are we going to spend tons of money in free agents after the season. Someone needs come forward and tell us what the plan is. Right now we have a worse record than the stinking Cubs but they at least have told their fans that they are in a rebuilding phase and be patient.
Yesterday was the first time since I moved to Florida that I did not watch a Sox game on WGN, I'm only able to get games on WGN and ESPN. We also will not be making our annual trip over to TB next week to see the Sox and Rays. I will not spend one cent of my retirement income to watch a team playing like a bunch of clowns.
I totally understand your frustration. I don't think Sox management should be announcing to us what their plan is. It's not like I expect Hahn to take to the airwaves and say "we suck and I can't wait to blow this up by the trading deadline". But, unlike other posters, I'm not going to mock your venting of your frustration at this team.

We're all pissed at how awful this team is. Reading all the comments in the other threads about lousy service at the Cell just makes me think there is an organization-wide problem to poorly this franchise is being run at this time. I don't need Rick Hahn to tell me his plans, but I sure hope he and Sox management have a good plan for turning this organization around.

Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
It's silly to say the Sox are at fault that they couldn't capitalize. They went all-in with Thome and Vazquez in 2006. They won 90 games. It's just some bad luck considering what happened. 2007 was an anomaly because of the injuries. They rebounded in 2008 and could have easily gone to the World Series if Quentin and Crede were healthy. The series with the Rays was winnable. Crap happens. Now they suck again like they did in the late 80s. The bad part is that Frank and Robin are not waiting in the wings.
I think the biggest problem with the Sox in recent years is that they let the farm system pretty much run dry starting in the early 2000s. I have no problem with how they went for a repeat in 2006, but already the window of opportunity was closing on this team at that point.

It isn't the unwillingness to have a high major league payroll that's brought us to this point, it's a lack of organizational depth.

Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Thompson, Webb, Sanchez, Castro and Walker all have legitimate shots at being contributors. The lower levels have a lot of high upside talent. Yeah, they're more than 2 years off, just like 99% of all players at the low levels. The farm system is far from good, but it's not as barren as you'd like everyone to believe. Lets see where we're at after the deadline.
I hope this is a sign that Sox managment has indeed turned things around with our farm system. Of course, any changes to improve the minors will take a few years to benefit the major league club. These things just take time to come to fruition. In the mean time, if all of our good prospects are still more than 2 years off, I can't blame fans for still wondering why our farm system has sucked to much. Of course, we've already seen Sale, Reed, Quintana and Santiago come up last year. So, we can't say the farm system hasn't produced anything. But this team needs more talent - especially on the position player side. We'll see in a couple of years how these players turn out.
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